Shabbat Services: Fridays & Saturdays

Join us for Shabbat services (onsite & virtual) one Friday evening per month at 7:30PM and Saturday mornings beginning at 10:00AM (see Temple Calendar for details). 


Note:  It is recommended that you log on 5 or 10 minutes prior to the scheduled service or class to make sure you don’t run into technical issues.

For those attending virtually, it will not be the same as sitting and singing together in our beautiful sanctuary, we hope that you will be singing along at home, and through technology we will be able to feel that we are sharing Shabbat together. You may use any siddur that you have at home (just look in the table of contents for Kabbalat Shabbat!), and there is a link below for downloading prayers from the Rabbinical Assembly. There are also a number of siddur apps you can download, including our Israeli Masorti siddur, Va’ani Tefillati (all Hebrew.) We look forward to spending Shabbat together – even if virtually – as a community!

SIDDUR DOWNLOAD: Link to download Siddurim

Additional links will be added as needed and will be included in future updates. Please reach out to the Temple office if you have questions, concerns, or need assistance with anything.