Presidents' Message

March 2024

Fellow Congregants,

With primary season underway, the political pressure on President Biden and other members of our government to abandon Israel is increasing. It is critical that you continue to contact the White House and your congressional representatives. The anti-Israel voices are loud; we need to make sure that our government also hears from their pro-Israel constituency.  Please make the calls today. Visit our website for resources you can use to Stand with Israel!

Purim is coming!  We will be reading the Megillah on Saturday night, March 23rd, but the main action happens on Sunday the 24th. We will not only be reading the Megillah, but we will be following it with a fun Purim carnival for kids and a Purim brunch for the entire congregation. Join us!

If you haven’t yet done so, please sign up for our Mishloach Manot fundraiser. You can sponsor baskets for individual members or sign up as a sponsor to send baskets to the entire congregation. March 4th is the deadline – it’s coming up fast!

The Family Friday Night Experience will, as always, be on the second Friday of the month, this time on March 8th.  It’s a short, accessible service followed by a nice, kid-friendly Shabbat dinner. But it’s not just for kids – if you know of anyone that wants a fun, light-weight connection to their Judaism and the Jewish community, please encourage them to attend!

We are trying to determine how many people are interested in beginner and intermediate Mah Jongg classes and to figure out which days work best to hold the classes. Please contact the office to let us know!

The Women’s Jewish Journey Group resumes on Wednesday, March 6th, after a month’s hiatus.  As always, there will be discussions at 3:30pm and 7:30pm – you can attend either one. The discussions are always interesting, and it is a great way to develop relationships with other women in our community. 

Be sure to join us with renowned instructor Reut Segall for Israeli Dancing on March 20 – only two more sessions left in this school year!

The Rabbi is holding his regular deep dive discussions of the weekly Torah portion each Thursday at 12:00pm on Zoom.  His “Ripped from the Headlines” discussion of current events happens on March 14th at 10:00am in the Social Hall. Sign up to receive links to the articles that will be discussed.

The annual congregational meetings have been scheduled for May 19th and June 9th, each at 11:00am. Please hold these dates on your calendar! If you would like to step up and be part of our Board of Trustees next year (and we really hope you will), please let us know.

Chag Purim Sameach & we look forward to seeing you around shul!

Bernie Rosenfeld & Howard Sislin

As always, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], or leave a message for us with the office, and we will call you back.