Presidents' Message

March 2023

Fellow Congregants,

Just as the Talmud tells us, when Adar enters, joy increases. The lull in the schedule is over, and we are back in full swing.

Have fun at the Purim Carnival on Sunday, March 5th, and come hear the Megillah and celebrate with Israeli dancing on Monday evening, March 6th.  For both events, dress as your favorite animal for extra fun!

The arrival of Purim means that Passover isn’t far behind. On Sunday, March 19th, take part in the Women’s Seder at the synagogue.  Enjoy a discussion of the role of women in the Exodus story and do a bit of Passover crafting.  It promises to be fun and inspiring.

The Six13 concert is on March 26th.  Unfortunately, it is completely sold out, so we hope you were able to get tickets.  Either way, Google “Six13 Passover” for some fun videos for the holiday.

On March 31st, don’t miss the Or Hadash community Shabbat dinner.  It’s erev April Fools, so expect something a little “unorthodox.”

Be sure to sign up for our next Israeli Dance class, with renowned instructor Reut Segall. It will be on April 19. 

Remember that one of the four commandments of Purim is to give to the poor.  Please bring food and toiletries to the Synagogue office for RiseUp Rockaway!

Chag Purim sameach!

You are always welcome to pick up the phone and call either of us, at any time.   You can leave a message for us at the office, and we will return your call, or you can write to us at [email protected]  

Co-Presidents Bernie Rosenfeld & Howard Sislin