Youth Education

OUR MISSION: We know that we can do anything we prioritize. Jewish learning, connection, and literacy are our central missions. We must reach children and families where they are and illustrate that Judaism adds rich and valuable dimensions to our lives. We want to cultivate Jewish identity and pride and take every opportunity to connect to Israel.

We have made it through the most challenging few years and have come out stronger and more determined. In this coming year, we can finally get back to some of our very favorite activities like cooking, mitzvah making and being together.

OUR PLAN: If there is anything we have learned loud and clear is that we can grow and change and go with the flow. We had many different activities in the past few years that allowed us to celebrate together – in new and different ways – at the Zoo, in front of the Temple, on the beach, in costume, online, and in kindness for others. Fun, learning, and determination can make magic!


Bereshit Beginnings. The youngest group is K-2nd grade. They meet once a month on Sundays 9:30-11. These sessions focus on learning about Shabbat, holidays and introducing the Aleph Bet -Hebrew alphabet. Beginning October 10.

Katan. 3 and 4 graders meeting Sunday 9:30-12. Gadol. 5, 6 and 7th graders meeting Sundays 9:30-12 and Wednesdays 5-6.

FAMILY PROGRAMMING: We hope you know that you and your family are always welcome to come to our events whether or not you choose membership at this time. We will have Shabbat
dinners, Havdallah parties (the end of shabbat) on Saturday evenings, holiday programming in and out of our temple and fun activities to add to our connection as a community throughout the year. These events will be in monthly newsletters and on our website. We hope you feel comfortable to also invite your friends to join us.

April 2024

What an awesome month we had exploring, experiencing and celebrating Purim!  Happiness abounded for sure.  Each group loved making hamantaschen and groggers and delving into the story itself.  Rabbi Charlie showed us the Megillah up close, and we were able to compare and contrast it with the Torah.  Our Purim celebration was EPIC BREAKFAST!  Thanks for helping to make it so special.

April will focus on Passover, of course.  Revisiting the four questions, learning the special kiddush and all about the order of the seder. The Bereshit Beginnings  group will be introduced to the Haggadah and create one of our own.

This month’s calendar:

Wed 4/3 – no school (Rockaway spring break)

Sunday 4/7 – BB, Alef and Dalet         

Thurs 4/7 – Women’s Seder (rsvp on our website)

Wed 4/10 – Dalet

Fri 4/12 – Family Shabbat Experience @6:00 (rsvp on our website)               

Sun 4/14 – Alef and Dalet     

Wed 4/17  – Dalet                               

Sunday 4/21 – Alef and Dalet search for chametz          

Wed 4/24 – no school (Passover)

Sunday 4/28 – no school (Passover)

And then it is May!  And just a few weeks left.   Please reserve Friday evening 5/17 for Kabbalat shabbat and dinner on Beach 3 as our closing event.  It’s special, don’t miss it!

Keep an eye on our website for more programs & services.

Morah Alison

Questions? Comments? Needs? Ideas?  Please contact the office or email me at:

Adult Education

Join Rabbi Charlie Thursdays at 12:00PM for Virtual Lunchtime Torah: learn and discuss the weekly Torah portion in preparation for Shabbat.

Join Temple members and Rabbi Charlie the second Thursday of each month, virtually, for an open discussion on current news topics “Ripped from the Headlines!

All are welcome, “see” you there!