Youth Education

Our religious school for children includes Bereshit  Beginnings (Grades K-2), Katan (Grade 3), and Gadol (Grades 4-7). Bereshit Beginnings & Katan students  have active Aleph Bet exposure and a focus on Shabbat and Holidays. Gadol students focus on T’fillah (prayer), Bible, Hebrew, Israel, Holidays, Traditions, and Mitzvot.

Programs meet for a Sunday morning session (Bereshit Beginnings 9:30-11:00AM / Katan & Gadol 9:30AM-12:00PM) that includes an opening prayer and reflection with Rabbi Charlie, Judaics and Hebrew, and concludes with a Jewish Learning Workshop: active and engaging activities for students with a wide range of topics such as Tikkun Olam, Mitzvot, Music, Cooking, Holiday Activities, Drama, and Storytelling. Gadol students also meet Wednesday afternoons (5:00-6:00PM) for a Hebrew workshop.

October 2022

Shana Tova to everyone!

It has been a great start to our school year. We have new families and new  programming, and we are excited to get into the swing of things. We began the year reviewing letters and sounds, singing familiar prayers and baking some delicious honey cake to start the year in a very sweet way.

We are setting goals for ourselves and discussing what qualities it takes to be a mensch. The month of October is full to the brim of fun activities for Sukkot, a trip to the zoo. Be sure to register and join us!

Mazal Tov to Ben and his family on Ben becoming bar mitzvah in August.

Welcome to Joshua and his mother Jennifer. Joshua is a third grader and is beginning with us in the JLC.

Welcome to Izaiah and his parents Caissie and David to the Bereshit Beginnings

May it be a fun, fruitful, sweet, and healthy year ahead!

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Morah Alison

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Adult Education

Join Rabbi Charlie Fridays at 12:00PM for Virtual Lunchtime Torah: learn and discuss the weekly Torah portion in preparation for Shabbat.

Join Temple members and Rabbi Charlie the second Thursday of each month, virtually, for an open discussion on current news topics “Ripped from the Headlines!

All are welcome, “see” you there!